Industrial Internet is going to be a BIG business - but is it only for big players, such as GE and Siemens? The big players will certainly take the business forward, but I am convinced that the Industrial internet will create opportunities also for small and nimble companies.

First of all, there will be a need for good algorithms, visualization etc., which can be developed also by small companies. Making sense of data is a field offering lots of opportunities also for small companies which have skills in how to see a patterns in a sea of data.

Second, collecting sensor data to cloud and then presenting it in mobile devices is an area where small companies which can do rapid development should see good opportunities. This will, however, require systematic and agile application development, so development processes need to be sound - and followed by all developers.

Third, better decision-making processes are needed, when there is evermore data which can drown any organization not capable of detecting the patterns instead of sifting through masses of data. These processes need to be implemented and adopted, and the results need to be shown people in order to reinforce the adoption. Again something where even small companies can offer good new solutions.

What other opportunities will Industrial Internet create for SMEs? And what kinds of skills will it require?