Om Malik has written a very interesting blog post on how the Industrial Internet will create new jobs; link to the article at the bottom of this page. 

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In the article, Malik refers to The Industrial Internet@Work, a report by GE Chief Economist, Marco Annunziata, and GE’s Director of Global Strategy and Analytics, Peter C. Evans. After using  material and physical sciences to develop their products, manufacturers now turn to data collection and analysis as the next source for improved effectivity. This will require also a more connected workforce.

According to Malik, "digitization will allow the businesses to become more realtime which in turn transforms how the workforce responds to the needs of the businesses. Maintenance crews don’t have to work on a rigid time schedule but instead be more nimble and responsive in-tune with the data and information coming out of the machines that are part of the new industrial internet." This can mean huge savings; according to Annunziata, power companies alone can save about $7 billion a year through smart industrial machines and software. 

Jobs will change, too. Industrial Internet will create new jobs and also new types of jobs. 

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