Tom Davenport is one of my favorite authors on analytics. His articles are included in Harvard Business Review's Analytics Insight Center, which is a great source of information on analytics for anyone in Industrial Internet.

I also recommend reading Walter Frick's Introduction to Data Driven Decisions for Managers Who Do Not Like Math. Now, what is it about analytics that makes so may people think about math - and, actually, what is it about math that so many people dislike? It must be at least partly because math is taught often badly and as a subject which seems almost totally removed from reality. When, in fact, reality revolves around math, and analytics is very much about understanding the logic of a system and seeing patterns.

One of the goals of Industrial Internet could be: analytics for everyone! In an easy-to-use format which leads to actions when seasoned with intuition. Using good analysis as raw material for intuition will lead to better decisions.